Episode 19 began with the usual routines and performances, devoid of any astonishing or excruciating routines. However, those who watched intently may have had noticed a so-called "Freudian slip" from Nigel Lythgoe. (Freudian slips occur when someone accidentally says what is exactly on their mind, only at inappropriate moments) Being that Lythgoe is the current executive producer of SYTYCD and former American Idol producer, I have to wonder if it was a "slip" after all. On the contrary, maybe it was a subtle plug for the dwindling American Idol, whose ratings are dropping as fast as its judges. It is rumored that Lythgoe is in talks to return to American Idol as executive producer, a role he fulfilled the first six years of the show. Coincidentally, one of the guests included a musical performance by former Idol contestant, Allison Iraheta. It isn't the first time an "Idol" has appeared on the show, and the SYTUCD former contestants are known to dance in the American Idol sequences as well. But it seems a little pushy for the executive producer of both shows to be so obvious in promoting them simultaneously, as if the viewer won't notice, or maybe hopefully will? What do you think? Do you look forward to the intermixing of American Idol and SYTYCD? Or should each show stick to itself???

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