Tate McRae
Tate McRae
Gender: Female
Born: July 1, 2003
Age: 15
Home: Alberta, Canada
Affiliations: School of Alberta Ballet
YYC Dance Project
SYTYCD Profile
Season: Season 13
Dance Specialty: Contemporary/Ballet
Partner: Kathryn McCormick
Placement: 3rd Place
Tate McRae (born July 1, 2003) is a 15-year old contemporary dancer. She participated and received 3rd place in the thirteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Other InformationEdit

  • Tate started dancing at the age of six.
  • She is an ambassador for Capezio.
  • Tate's mom owned a dance studio until Tate was two years old.
  • Her family lived in the Middle East for three years before moving back to Canada.
  • She has won both Mini Female and Junior Best Dancer titles at The Dance Awards.
  • Besides dancing, Tate also sings and acts.

So You Think You Can Dance RoutinesEdit



Stage Routine Dance Style Result
Audition A Lovers Complaint Contemporary Ticket
Academy Raven's Lament Contemporary Team Kathryn Top 5
Week 1 The Beginning Contemporary Safe
Week 3 Lorikeet Contemporary Safe
Week 5 Trophy Contemporary Jazz Safe
Week 7 Easy (Switch Screens) Contemporary Safe
Finale Trophy Contemporary Jazz 3rd Place


Stage Routine Partner Dance Style Result
Week 1 Goldenheart Kathryn McCormick Contemporary Safe
Week 2 Manolo Kida Burns Hip Hop Safe
Don't Panic Kathryn McCormick Contemporary
I Do What I Love Kida Burns Jazz
Week 3 Get Here Kathryn McCormick Contemporary Safe
Week 4 Trouble Emma Hellenkamp Broadway Safe
She Used To Be Mine Kathryn McCormick Contemporary
Week 5 Rise Up Kathryn McCormick Contemporary Safe
Diablo Rojo Kida Burns Paso Doble
Week 6 This Gift Kathryn McCormick Contemporary Safe
Unmasked Kathryn McCormick Contemporary
Week 7 Robi-Rob's Boriqua Anthem Jonathan Platero Salsa Safe
She Used to Be Mine Kathryn McCormick Contemporary
Finale Robi-Rob's Boriqua Anthem Jonathan Platero Salsa 3rd Place
Manolo Kida Burns Hip-Hop
This Gift Kathryn McCormick Contemporary

Group DancesEdit

Group Dances

Stage Routine Dance Style Dancers
Week 1 Prodigy Contemporary Top 10 + All Stars
Move Hip Hop Top 10
Week 2 Let's Nacho Bollywood Top 10 + All Stars
Week 3 Me Too Jazz Top 9 + All Stars
Wolf Contemporary Top 9
Week 4 Ain't Playing With Ya Hip Hop Top 8 + All Stars
Week 5 What The World Needs Now Is Love Contemporary Top 6 + All Stars
Week 6 I Miss You Jazz Top 5 + All Stars
Week 7 You Don't Own Me Contemporary Top 4 + All Stars
Ease on Down the Road Broadway Top 4
Finale Brand New Jazz Top 10 + All Stars
Small Contemporary Top 10 + Maddie Ziegler
Burgs Contemporary J.T. Church
Robert Roldan
Kathryn McCormick
Emma Hellenkamp
Gaby Diaz
Jordan Nata'e Wandick
Sasha Mallory

Results TableEdit

Result show date:  7/18   7/25   8/1   8/22   8/29   9/12 
Tate Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 3rd Place

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