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Jenna Johnson
Season Season 10
Birth date April 12, 1994
Hometown Provo, Utah
So You Think You Can Dance Profile
Genre Ballroom
Partner(s) Tucker Knox
Alex Wong (all-star)
Neil Haskell (all-star)
Mark Kanemura (all-star)
Placement Top 8
All-Star Profile

Jenna Johnson was a contestant on Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. Her specialty was Latin Ballroom. She was eliminated on August 20, 2013.


Jenna first started dancing at the age of 3. She's trained in ballroom, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop.

So You Think You Can DanceEdit

Jenna first auditioned for season 10 in Memphis, Tennessee. Her 2 older sisters had auditioned prior to her but were cut at Green Mile. Jenna made it to the top 8 before she was eliminated.

Main article: Season 10 performances

Meet the Top 20 (June 18, 2013)Edit


  • Jenna has been a Troup Member of Wikipedia:Dancing With The Stars since Season 18. In Season 23 she became a Pro-Dancer and was teamed up with Wikipedia: Jake T. Austin.
  • She has also performed in the show Sway a Dance Trilogy as well as being a cast member in the DWTS Live Tour.
  • She competed alongside Jake Monreal as his all star mentor on Season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. Unfortunatley, Jake was eliminated in the Top 8 show week on August 1st 2016.


  • Jenna runs about 4 miles everyday.
  • She designs most of her dance costumes.
  • She assists the dance conventions JUMP and NUVO. She also teaches ballroom privates.
  • Her dream dance partner is William Wingfield.
  • She is most inspired by Melanie Moore.

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