Dance Specialty: Lyrical/Contemporary

Jason Glover

Hometown: Fresno, CA
Currently Resides: Fresno, CA

Age: 21

Jason began dancing at age 12, studying Tap and Hip Hop. He is a graduate of Bullard High School, and his favorite dancer is Michael Jackson. Tapping onstage with Gregory Hines, in one of his last shows, changed Jason’s life.

Born on March 16, 1988, Jason is a contemporary dancer from Fresno, California. He was partnered with contemporary dancer Caitlin Kinney. He was then paired with Jeanine Mason for the top 10 where they danced a Travis Wall contemporary piece which received standing ovations. Jason was featured quite prominently in the Las Vegas week episode during Season 5, successfully dancing for his life after the group round before being cut following Mia Michaels's contemporary routine.

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