J.T. Church
J. T. Church
Gender: Male
Born: January 17, 2006
Age: 11
Home: Haymarket, Virginia
Affiliations: Gainesville Dance Center
SYTYCD Profile
Season: Season 13
Dance Specialty: Contemporary/Jazz
Partner: Robert Roldan
Placement: 2nd Place
John Talan[1] "J. T." Church (born January 17, 2006) is a 11-year old jazz and contemporary dancer. He participated and received 2nd place in the thirteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Other InformationEdit

  • He was named the 2016 NUVO Mini Male Breakout Artist of the year.
  • J. T. started dancing at the age of five.
  • He initially auditioned as a jazz dancer and contemporary dancer Robert Roldan chose him to be on his team.

So You Think You Can Dance RoutinesEdit



Stage Routine Dance Style Result
Auditions Business of Love Jazz Ticket
Week 1 Dance with Me Tonight Jazz Safe
Week 3 Unsteady Contemporary Safe
Week 5 Feeling Good Jazz Safe
Week 7 Ghost of Sky Contemporary Safe
Finale Feeling Good Jazz Runner-Up



Stage Routine Partner Dance Style Result
Week 1 Stand in the Light Robert Roldan Contemporary Safe
Week 2 Dessert Emma Hellenkamp Hip-Hop Safe
The Jet Song Emma Hellenkamp Broadway
Change is Everything Robert Roldan Contemporary
Week 3 The Mirror Robert Roldan Contemporary Safe
Week 4 Bom Bom Tahani Anderson Cha Cha Safe
Friend Like Me Robert Roldan Jazz
Week 5 I Will Not Forget You Emma Hellenkamp Contemporary Safe
Mr. Bojangles Robert Roldan Broadway
Week 6 I'll Keep You Safe Robert Roldan Contemporary Safe
The Friendship Dance Robert Roldan Contemporary
Week 7 Malhari Marko Germar Bollywood Safe
The Mirror Fik-Shun Stegall Hip-Hop
Finale Mr. Bojangles Robert Roldan Broadway Runner-Up
Stand in the Light Robert Roldan Contemporary

Group DancesEdit

Group Dances

Stage Routine Dance Style Dancers
Week 1 Prodigy Contemporary Top 10 + All Stars
Move Hip-Hop Top 10
Week 2 Let's Nacho Bollywood Top 10 + All Stars
Week 3 Me Too Jazz Top 9 + All Stars
Wolf Contemporary Top 9
Week 4 Ain't Playing With Ya Hip-Hop Top 8 + All Stars
Week 5 What The World Needs Now Is Love Contemporary Top 6 + All Stars
Week 6 I Miss You Jazz Top 5 + All Stars
Week 7 You Don't Own Me Contemporary Top 4 + All Stars
Ease on Down the Road Broadway Top 4
Finale Brand New Jazz Top 10 + All Stars
Small Contemporary Top 10 + Maddie Ziegler
Burgs Contemporary Robert Roldan
Tate McRae
Kathryn McCormick
Emma Hellenkamp
Gaby Diaz
Jordan Nata'e Wandick
Sasha Mallory

Results TableEdit

Result show date:  7/18   7/25   8/1   8/22   8/29   9/12 
J.T. Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 2nd Place


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