Daniela Avanzini
Daniela Avanzini
Gender: Female
Born: July 1, 2005
Age: 12
Home: Atlanta, Georgia
SYTYCD Profile
Season: Season 13
Dance Specialty: Ballroom
Partner: Jonathan Platero
Placement: 10th
Daniela Avanzini (born July 1, 2005) is an 12-year old ballroom dancer. She participated in the thirteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance. She was the first to be eliminated, earning her 10th place.

Other InformationEdit

  • Daniela previously auditioned for the eighth season of America's Got Talent alongside Yasha Jeltuhin.
  • She was a 2nd place grand finalist on the international competition show Super Kids Europe.
  • Daniela once appeared on the Queen Latifah Show as part of an America's Most Talented kids segment.
  • She was the only Top 10 dancer to not be part of the 2016 Teen Choice Awards performance.

So You Think You Can Dance RoutinesEdit



Stage Routine Dance Style Result
Audition Rie Y Llora Ballroom Safe
Week 1 Proud Mary Ballroom Safe



Stage Routine Partner Dance Style Result
Week 1 Latinos Jonathan Platero Ballroom N/A
Week 2 I Love It Sheaden Gabriel Cha Cha Eliminated
Marchina Jonathan Platero Samba
Rich Man's Frug Sheaden Gabriel Broadway
Finale Marchina Jonathan Platero Samba -

Group DancesEdit

Group Dances

Stage Routine Dance Style Dancers
Week 1 Prodigy Contemporary Top 10 + All Stars
Move Hip Hop Top 10
Week 2 Let's Nacho Bollywood Top 10 + All Stars
Finale Brand New Jazz Top 10 + All Stars
Small Contemporary Top 10 + Maddie Ziegler
"A Little Party Never
Killed Nobody (All We Got)"
Ballroom Ruby Castro
Paul Karmiryan
Jake Monreal
Jenna Johnson
Jonathan Platero

Results TableEdit

Result show date:  7/18   7/25   8/1   8/22   8/29   9/12 
Daniela Eliminated

External LinksEdit

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