Cyrus Spencer
Season Season 9
Birth date 1990
Hometown Atlanta, Georgia
So You Think You Can Dance Profile
Genre Popping
Partner(s) Eliana Girard
Jaimie Goodwin (all-star)
Melanie Moore (all-star)
Comfort Fedoke (all-star)
Tiffany Maher
Stephen "tWitch" Boss (all-star)
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Eliana Girard
Placement Runner-up
All-Star Profile

Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer was a contestant on season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance. His genre is popping/animating. He was announced as runner-up.


Cyrus was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up on the Southside of Atlanta. He graduated from Creekside High School in 2008. He started dancing at the age of 8 then stopped to play sports and picked it back up at the age of 15.

So You Think You Can DanceEdit

Cyrus first auditioned for season 9 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Main article: Season 9 performances

Meet the Top 20 (June 27, 2012)Edit

Cyrus is sent in to hear the news of whether he made it through to the Top 20 or not with another hip-hop dancer named Feliciano Turk. Cyrus had a tough time during Vegas Week while Feliciano sailed through it with ease, conquering each style. Lil' C tells Feliciano that he brings such quality of entertainment. Nigel tells Cyrus that he's never seen anyone like him before announcing that he made it through to the Top 20. He dances a Martial Arts/Stepping/Animation routine with Brandon Mitchell and Cole Horibe. The piece was danced to "Revolve" by Nathan Lanier and choreographed by Christopher Scott. Nigel praises Cyrus for the fact that even though all of his friends who auditioned with him are not here anymore, he's continued to fight to make it through. Mary praises the trio and tells them that they definitely "hit that out of the ballpark" with the routine.

Week 1 (July 11, 2012)Edit

In the package, the dancers must describe themselves in nine seconds. Cyrus is paired up with Eliana Girard and assigned a broadway by Tyce Diorio to "Run and Tell That" by the original Broadway cast of Hairspray. Mary praises the pair for the joy, the love, and the life they brought to the routine. She praises Cyrus, telling him he's got an extraordinary heart. Guest judge Kenny Ortega praises Tyce for the routine, telling him that he could imagine an entire number staged around that piece on a Broadway stage. He says the pair's personalities were on fire during the performance. Nigel praises Cyrus, telling him that even though he is great at what he does, he is still not yet a great dancer but he loves that Cyrus gives himself 100% for the routine. Nigel also says that he hopes to watch Cyrus grow on the show if the viewers vote to keep him in.

Week 2 (July 18, 2012)Edit

Cyrus and partner Eliana danced a jive by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin to "I'm Shakin'" by Jack White. Mary tells Cyrus that she too would've been shaking if she got the jive and she was him. She makes note that although his transitions were rough, his feet weren't quite there, his footwork was apart, and his posture wasn't perfect, she loved the fact that Cyrus was there for Eliana throughout the entire dance. Guest judge Adam Shankman thought it was amazing that Cyrus got through all the footwork, even though it wasn't perfect. Nigel praises the choreographers for helping Cyrus get through it and getting him to do lots of lifts. He tells Cyrus that he still has to connect the dots and make the dance flow better instead of just standing there and waiting for the next move.

During the results, Cyrus was announced safe due to his broadway in Week 1.

Week 3 (July 25, 2012)Edit

In the package, the dancers must reveal something America doesn't know about their partners. Cyrus and partner Eliana danced a hip-hop by Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo to "Toxic" by District 78 ft. Cheesa. Mary praises Cyrus, telling him it was "crazy, sick, frozen, good, buc, whatever you want to call it" and tells the pair that them together is fabulous. Guest judge Christina Applegate tells them it was fantastic, entertaining, and perfectly fit for the both of them. She tells Cyrus he's been so lucky because he hasn't gotten a contemporary routine yet. Nigel praises them, telling the two that he is so pleased they chose this routine.

During the results, Cyrus was announced safe due to his jive in Week 2.

Week 4 (August 15, 2012)Edit

In the package, the dancers must share their favorite moments from the show. Cyrus shares that his favorite moment was Brian Gaynor's audition in Season 7. This week's theme required dancers to perform past routines by Mia Michaels. Cyrus and partner Eliana danced a contemporary to "Mercy", which was originally performed by Katee Shean and Stephen "tWitch" Boss in Season 4. Nigel tells Cyrus that he needs to lower his shoulders because he's very tight up there. Mary praised Cyrus that even though Eliana outdanced him in some parts, he brought in his "own kind of swag". Guest judges Michael Nunn and Bill Trevitt explain how they're a bit of an advantage because they had never seen the original routines. But he does tell Eliana and Cyrus that they are both strong performers. Cyrus Spencer is an incredible dancer who is featured now in Step up all in (2014).

During the results, Cyrus was announced safe due to his hip-hop in Week 3.

Week 5 (August 22, 2012)Edit

Week 6 (August 29, 2012)Edit

Week 7 (September 5, 2012)Edit

Week 8 (September 11, 2012)Edit

Week 9 (September 18, 2012)Edit

Cyrus has placed 2nd in being the Best Male Dancer on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. Being the only animator to place this far in the competition.





Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer (Dragon House) - SYTYCD Season 9 (Atlanta Auditions)05:14

Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer (Dragon House) - SYTYCD Season 9 (Atlanta Auditions)

Atlanta Audition

Brandon Mitchell, Cole Horibe, Cyrus Spencer -- Meet The Top 20 -- So You Think You Can Dance01:53

Brandon Mitchell, Cole Horibe, Cyrus Spencer -- Meet The Top 20 -- So You Think You Can Dance

Meet the Top 20 - Christopher Scott Martial Arts, Stepping, Animation w/ Cole, Brandon

Eliana & Cyrus - Broadway02:05

Eliana & Cyrus - Broadway

Top 20 - Tyce Diorio Broadway w/ Eliana

Eliana & Cyrus - Jive01:53

Eliana & Cyrus - Jive

Top 20 - Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin Jive w/ Eliana

Eliana & Cyrus - Hip Hop02:13

Eliana & Cyrus - Hip Hop

Top 16 - Nappytabs Hip-hop w/ Eliana

Eliana & Cyrus - Contemporary (Mia)02:18

Eliana & Cyrus - Contemporary (Mia)

Top 14 - Mia Michaels Contemporary w/ Eliana

Cyrus (with Jaimie) - Contemporary01:54

Cyrus (with Jaimie) - Contemporary

Top 10 - Travis Wall Contemporary w/ Jaimie

Cyrus (with Melanie) - Jazz01:55

Cyrus (with Melanie) - Jazz

Top 8 - Mandy Moore Jazz w/ Melanie

Cyrus Solo 101:53

Cyrus Solo 1

Top 8 - Animation solo

Cyrus (with Comfort) - Dubstep02:28

Cyrus (with Comfort) - Dubstep

Top 6 - Christopher Scott Dubstep w/ Comfort

Tiffany & Cyrus - Broadway02:08

Tiffany & Cyrus - Broadway

Top 6 - Spencer Liff Broadway w/ Tiffany

Cyrus Solo 200:49

Cyrus Solo 2

Top 6 - Animation solo

Eliana & Cyus - Paso Doble01:51

Eliana & Cyus - Paso Doble

Top 4 - Jason Gilkison Paso Doble w/ Eliana

Tiffany & Cyrus - Lyrical Hip Hop01:55

Tiffany & Cyrus - Lyrical Hip Hop

Top 4 - Tessandra Chavez Hip-hop w/ Tiffany

Chehon & Cyrus - Jazz01:49

Chehon & Cyrus - Jazz

Top 4 - Sonya Tayeh Jazz w/ Chehon

Cyrus (with Twitch) - Animation02:20

Cyrus (with Twitch) - Animation

Top 4 - Christopher Scott Animation w/ Twitch

Cyrus Solo 301:25

Cyrus Solo 3

Top 4 - Animation solo


  • Cyrus is addicted to shoes and loves basketball.
  • He has a belly button that resembles a "Power" button.
  • He is the only male in Season 9 to never land in the Bottom 4 or 6.
  • He is Season 10 contestant Jasmine Harper's ex-boyfriend.
  • He got signed to Xcel Talent Agency in December 2011 and he is part of a dance movement to Dubstep music.

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