Allison Holker
Season Season 2
Birth date February 6, 1988
Hometown Orem, Utah
So You Think You Can Dance Profile
Genre Contemporary Jazz
Placement Top 8
All-Star Profile
Season(s) as all-star Season 7, Season 8
Allison Renee Holker (born February 6, 1988, Orem, Utah) is a contemporary jazz dancer. She got her start training in contemporary, jazz and tap at The Dance Club in her hometown. A highlight of her early career was her participation in the 2002 opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout her youth, Allison won many competitions including the 2005 National Senior Outstanding Dancer at the New York City Dance Alliance and at the Colorado Dance Nationals in 2004. Allison has also performed live with Earth, Wind, & Fire and as a cheerleader in the famed Disney Channel movies High School Musical 1 & 2.

Allison's run on SYTYCD began in Season 2 where she climbed to the Top 8. Holker was then eliminated during the July 27, 2006 episode. Since her elimination from SYTYCD, Allison has taught various different dance conventions and workshops all across the country. In 2008, Holker gave birth to a baby girl, Weslie Renae Fowler but continued to dance, balancing motherhood with her career. Within that same year, Allison danced in the tap show 'Revolution' at the Joyce Theater in New York City. Most recently she has performed and toured with American Idol's Clay Aiken as well as the production, Ballroom with a Twist, which was choreographed by ‘’Dancing With The Stars’’ Louis Van Amstel.

She's married to Stephen "tWitch" Boss, also an All-Star and judge from SYTYCD. In March 2016, she gave birth to their son. Allison now is a professional dancer on ABC's Dancing With The Stars since season 19.

Allison Holker returned to dance as an All-Star in Season 7 and Season 8 of SYTYCD.